t s Beall, Manchester

by Robert Clark
The Guardian Guide Preview, Saturday 2 December 2006

As a pioneer of early 19th-century photography, Edward Muybridge famously photographed a galloping horse with multiple stop action cameras, thus for the first time accurately revealing how a horse moved. In 1969 the sculptor Jannis Kounellis notoriously placed 11 real live horses in a Rome gallery and titled the installation Untitled (Cavalli). Now, with her site-specific installation Untitled Horses, ts Beall makes obvious reference to both of these historic interplays between real raw life and staged event or representational image. Beall placed two unbridled thoroughbred horses in the somewhat restrained Castlefield space and let them claustrophobically roam while being filmed by a number of fixed view cameras. So, the resultant footage, with sound further manipulated by composer Mary Bellamy, is, presumably, presented as a further take on the whole historical quandary of the found and created art object.

Castlefield Gallery, Manchester to Jan 28